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Re: putc_unlocked in stdio.h but not in libs (1.3.11-3)

"Marcello Perathoner" <> wrote:
> According to the FAQ putc_unlocked is not implemented
> and you don't find it in the libraries.
> But it is present in the stdio.h header.

The level of synchronicity on this issue is starting to get me

Taking up Corinna's point from yesterday, none of the unexported
functions from <stdio.h> are SUSv3 functions, they're all BSD-isms.
Then again, they are all just wrappers that call other (already
exported) functions, so size isn't much of an issue and you don't get
any extra funcionality.

A more important point I've tripped over is that cygwin doesn't seem
to provide implementations of the flockfile etc. functions used by
stdio to lock the FILE objects, and so the current version is not
thread-safe. Is that true? says I in some pain, having just gone
through cygserver replacing all <iostream.h> calls with <stdio.h>
calls to avoid a thread-safety problem in the C++ library :-(

Just for the record, the list of unexported functions from <stdio.h>
is currently:


// Conrad

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