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Re: [PATCH] Re: Setup.exe crashing under Windows NT 4.0 SP6

Thanks Pavel, nice catch.

I've applied this to HEAD and 2002-07. This evening I'll get 2002-06 done
and release a new setup.exe

----- Original Message -----
From: "Pavel Tsekov" <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, July 04, 2002 5:33 AM
Subject: [PATCH] Re: Setup.exe crashing under Windows NT 4.0 SP6

> Hello, there! :)
> Friday, June 28, 2002, 7:26:59 PM, Jim wrote:
> JG> I've been running Cygwin for some time now. Today I went to upgrade my
> JG> various packages and found that a new version ( of setup.exe
> JG> was available. It starts normally, but when I try to make a selection
> JG> from "Install from Internet", "Download from Internet", and "Install
> JG> from Local Directory", I get an error dialog:
> JG>     The instruction at "0x78001d22" referenced memory at "0x00000000".
> JG>     The memory could not be "read".
> JG> followed by the usual "OK to terminate, Cancel to debug" choices.
> JG> The dialog pops up as soon as I try to change which radio button is
> JG> selected, or if I leave the default choice and hit "Next>".
> I've asked the user to send me his msvcrt.dll and found that the exception
> occures in strcpy (). The only suspicious code which is executed when
> the user changes the selections is the constructor of the packagedb
> class. The only place where strcpy() is called (indirectly) not safe,
> in the constructor is the following snippet:
>           int parseable;
>           src[0] = 0;
>           srcsz = 0;
>           sscanf (line, "%s %s %d %s %d", pkgname, inst, &instsz, src,
>               &srcsz);
>           fileparse f;
>           parseable = parse_filename (inst, f);
> parse_filename () calls strcpy () like this:
>            parse_filename (String const &in_fn, fileparse & f)
>            {
>              char *p, *ver;
>              char fn[in_fn.size() + 1];
>              strcpy (fn, in_fn.cstr_oneuse());
> Consider  that for some reason the sscanf call doesn't succeed (empty
> line in installed.db). In this case pkg name would contain garbage
> data. Now if the first char of the garbage data happens to be a null
> character, the code will crash in parse_filename.
> I know that the possibility this to happen is very low, but it seems
> that for the original poster the crash was happening every time. A
> requirement for this bug to show up is that installed.db file should be
> corrupted in some way. I requested the file, but I was sent the file
> which resulted after a succesfull installation (performed by a patched
> setup.exe).
> I suggest the attached patch to guard against such problems. Btw as I
> mentiond above I've sent a patched setup.exe to the user and he
> confirmed that it fixed the problem. The attached patch is different
> from the one I originally applied, but it just addresses the problem
> in a better way.
> 2002-07-03  Pavel Tsekov  <>
>             * (parse_filename): Do not try to parse empty
>             strings (filenames).
>             * (packagedb::packagedb): For each line check if
>             extracted good package name and filename.
> This patch is against It should apply to the HEAD too.


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