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Re: inetd servers went wrong after upgrading cygwin

Sorry, Jim. I replied to you because you mailed me your last message
personally instead of to the list.

Everyone can write to /home. 546 is the Guests group.

Best regards,

Wu Yongwei

--- Original Message from Jim.George ---

On Tue, 2 Jul 2002, Wu Yongwei wrote:

> Thank you, but it will not do. The users used to be in the None group and
> inetd worked; they are now in the relevant groups (Administrators or
> but inetd still does not work.
> Can you find problems in such a passwd file?
> ---
> Everyone:*:0:0:,S-1-1-0::
> SYSTEM:*:18:18:,S-1-5-18::
> Administrators:*:544:544:,S-1-5-32-544::
> 8537768-500:/home/Administrator:/bin/bash
> ftp:/bin/false
> ---
> Best regards,
> Wu Yongwei

Please can you keep your questions/answers on-list so that all can

I am suspicious of the ftp user account?  What group has permissions to
the whole of /home?


> --- Original Message from Jim George ---
> This has been dealt with (recently) in the archives.  It happened to me.
> think I had to remake passwd and group and ensure that my remote users
> in passwd and that they were not allocated the 'None' group.
> Jim

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