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Re: How does this work?

Chris Game wrote:

In an earlier post, Christopher Faylor said...

That would really be a question for the people who are running the
gmane.os.cygwin newsgroup, wouldn't it?

Well that's why I posted it on there!!!


The folks who run the news--maillist gateway do NOT read each and every list that they host.

What Chris is saying, is that you need to send a message to Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen, or to the gmane.discuss newsgroup.

Or you could read the info on the webpage.

But I've already given away the answer: gmane is a bidirectional "gateway". Messages posted to the mailing list are archived on the newsgroup; messages sent to the newsgroup are forwarded to the mailing list, PROVIDED the poster (that'd be you) follows certain rules involving poster-verification.

(see point #1, and the last item: "People who do not have valid email addresses in their From or Reply-To headers can't use Gmane to post to mailing lists.")

this means that you need to post to the newsgroup using a REAL email return address -- not a spam-protected one like


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