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Re: new-style Cygwin symlinks, NTEmacs' dired mode, and ls-lisp.el

From: "Matt Swift" <>
To: <>
Cc: <>; <>
Sent: Wednesday, July 03, 2002 11:38 PM
Subject: new-style Cygwin symlinks, NTEmacs' dired mode, and ls-lisp.el

> Maybe this has already been done, but I have hacked ls-lisp.el so that
> it understands the new-style Cygwin symlinks (which seem like Windows
> shortcuts to Windows, but not to ls-lisp.el).  I have had to
> reverse-engineer and hack without a full understanding of shortcut
> headers.  Putting the following code in a startup .el file works for me
> with EmacsNT 20.7.  It causes Emacs to do two things after loading
> dired: load ls-lisp, then redefine one function defined in ls-lisp.el.
> My modifications are commented and labeled with "MSS".   I am sending
> this email because I think others may be interested in this code.
> Someone with full knowledge could make this code more efficient and
> address the question of robustness with odd file names and unusual
> symlink headers.

I also have some revisions to ls-lisp in progress, one of which is support
for Cygwin-generated shortcut files.  I want to test it a bit more before I
release it.  However, I will only support NT Emacs 21, and my new code will
not work with earlier versions.


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