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Re: Incorrect COLUMN and LINES

--- Jehan <> wrote:
> Lapo Luchini wrote:
> >>
> >>
> >>> in less/man for instance, or the whole display of emacs).
> >>                                                    ^^^^^
> >> Use vi.
> >> 'Nuff said.
> >>
> > Or nano, works like a charm also if resized after opening 0=)
> > 
> Under XWin maybe (as does emacs, and vi, and everything else), but it 
> doesn't work in the Windows console (cygwin terminal). If you are 
> editing a several pages long file and reduce the height of nano 
> significantly (by half works "well" enough for me), the screen get bad 
> also (title bar disappears, bottom menu too).
> And as a general matter, I doubt than *any* application that tries to 
> display text at specific location on the screen would work on the 
> console. The problem is that if the application display something below 
> the screen, the console scrolls. And if the console scrolls, the origin 
> (coordinate 0,0) moves.
> 	Jehan

Rxvt.exe is a full native win32 binary, just double click it and you
should be good to go...  Don't use the windows console, it sucks.


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