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Re: ls -R doesn't work; V1.3.12 on Win2000

Jim, Hari,

Sorry... I didn't review my posting critically before sending it off...

There's an oversight in both my and Jim's posting: The "." character is the single-character match-any pattern character in all the grep variants (and in other programs, such as sed and Perl), and hence must be escaped to be interpreted literally as the period character.

So the proper incantation of my example is:

ls -laR |egrep -i '\.(doc|pdf|rtf)'


At 13:10 2002-07-06, Randall R Schulz wrote:


Apart from the fact that, as Chris F. pointed out, you and Hari seem to share a misconception about how the "-R" option to "ls" works, your suggestion about using grep is probably better, in this instance, than involving "find" as I said you "must" do (a very poor and inaccurate choice of words).

You'll probably want to use the "-i" option to grep so that it matches the letters in the suffixes case insensitively, since Windows doesn't care about alphabetic case in any part of a file name.

If you use "egrep" you can get multiple suffixes selected in a single command:

ls -laR |egrep -i '.(doc|pdf|rtf)'

for example.

Randall Schulz

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