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Re: Compiling with Borland's bcc32... more simply stated

> I suspect that the reason you didn't receive any
> replies is that your question doesn't make much
> sense.  The whole point of cygwin is to provide an
> environment for building GNU tools without reliance
> of proprietary programs like those provided by
> Borland's.  It is extremely unlikely that you'll be
> able to use Borland's compiler to build GNU tools
>for an ARM target.
> Just install gcc, like the rest of the Cygwin world,
> and use that. Rerun setup.exe (from Install Cygwin
> Now!), click on the plus sign next to "Devel" and
> then select gcc and any other tools you need.
> cgf

Oh. Now THAT'S embarrassing! I think I blinded myself
by following a procedure for building the GNU tools
under UNIX and then configuring them for
cross-development on an ARM core. But I wasn't
thinking through the changes that would have to be
made when coming at it from a Cygwin environment.

Thanks for the help! I mean it!!!


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