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Re: Available for test: gcc-3.1.1-1, gcc2-2.95.3-6, and gcc-mingw-3_1-20020516-1

--- Christopher Faylor <> wrote:
> My main contributions are some configury reorg and of course, my old
> friend, "-mno-cygwin".  In theory, "-mno-cygwin" should work much
> better in this release.  It should even be functional for C++.
> To that end, I'm also releasing an auxiliary package called
> gcc-mingw-3_1-20020516-1.  This package contains header and library
> files from the mingw release from the main mingw site, repackaged with
> only the bits that are required for the cygwin version of gcc.  I
> hope to be updating this as necessary (or getting someone to volunteer
> to do this once things have settled down).

Do we still need to create a "g++-3" symlink in the /usr/include/mingw dir
that points to /usr/include/g++-3/ for c++ to work?  Or is that covered by
the gcc-mingw-3_1-20020516-1 package?

> That brings us to gcc2-2.95.3-6.  As you might guess, this package is
> just a repackaging of the old gcc-2.95.3 release.  The difference here,
> though, is that all of the appropriate files are labelled gcc-2.exe
> g++-2.exe, etc.  The reason for this is to allow you to use
> both the old and new versions of gcc on your system at the same time.
> Then, when you're satisfied that you no longer require gcc2 stuff you
> can uninstall the gcc2 package without affecting the gcc 3.1.1 stuff.
> Or, you can just keep both around.

Will it be as simple as passing CC=gcc-2 and CXX=g++-2 to the configure

> All three of these packages were built using my mknetrel scripts.  You
> can view the mknetrel configuration files that I used here:
> For gcc:

Small nitpick, but according to the gcc install.texi, the proper
enable-languages flag for fortran support is "f77" not "f".
> For gcc2:

Again, thanks for the hard work and diligence.  I do have a few minor
points to contend with.

1)Objective-C or the lack thereof.  Both David-B and Wayne have reported
that they have had success compiling the Objective-C compiler and runtime
libraries.  There has been reports from others as well, most recently in:
Would it be possible to add "objc" to the "--enable-languages="?  Since it
seems to compile cleanly OOB, I think it should be added so that those
wishing to develop in objc on cygwin may do so.

2)Since you wanted to enable java support, you must pass a few more flags
for it to work.  First off, the java runtime library is disabled by
default on most every platform.  Also, as per David B's reccomendation,
you should explicitly pass the sjlj-exceptions flag during configuration. 
So, the most optimal set of flags to pass would be:

--enable-sjlj-exceptions --enable-libgcj --enable-interpreter

If you run into errors in the libjava dir, you might want to check its
config.h file for proper header/library detection.

Other than that, congratulations on a job well done and thanks!


P.S. - That sedit line at the end of the mknetrel script had me rolling on
the floor!  ;-)

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