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Re: patch for /proc/registry read/write

> I've just downloaded the 1.3.12-2 version and was surprised to see that the
> registry-patch (which was heavily discussed in february, if I recall
> correctly) has made it into the mainline.
> But one question remains: Is there a patch for read/write support? I know
You could always write one... :-)

> that this starts the old problem of specifying the kind of value (dword,
> sz, multi-sz, binary, ...) but maybe this could by done by the extension
> (possibly seperated by a : as this ain't used in cygwin), so eg. name:sz or
> value:dword.
1. a : is used to separate the host name and filename with rcp and scp as well 
as acting as the drive separator for Windows paths. This, IMHO, rules out 
using a colon as separator.
2. The data type is metadata and should *NOT* be included, therefore, in the 
filename *if this can possibly be avoided*. Extensions were bad, adding extra 
metadata to the filename is even worse.
3. : is a valid key and/or value name. The present implementation ignores 
this, but should escape 'special' characters like colon and forward slash.
My preference would be that the type of a registry value would be changed with 
fcntl (and a command-line program which internally called fcntl) or something 

> What I'd like to achieve is to use rsync on the registry - to get the
> registry into a known state.
You can use regedit in command-line mode for this. It is a lot better suited 
to the job and should deal with Unicode keys and other such niceities for 
you. OTOH, it won't set the ACLs, but then a Cygwin implementation is even 
less likely to support that.
> I don't think that the naming scheme gives consistency problems - if I
> write a file name:sz it isn't guaranteed (in unix semantics) that
> name:dword isn't deleted in the same moment.
I don't really like the idea of files appearing to be deleted without user 

Thanks for your comments.


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