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Re: "Application key pad mode" in cygwin console

--- Fabien PERRIOLLAT <> wrote:
> Christopher Faylor,
> I just completed a patch to cygwin1.dll to provide the application
> keyboard
> modes.
> The patches are in the files :
>     fhandler.h
>     tty.h
>     shared_info,h
> These patches was done in the Cygwin version 10
> And I have a short and simple test program to exercise the new facility.
> I attache a file which is the output of diif processing for the modified
> files.
> Could you tel me to how I must send this patch, and what is the
> procedure.
> Christopher Faylor wrote:
> > On Fri, Apr 05, 2002 at 12:03:18AM +0200, Fabien Perriollat wrote:
> > >I am porting a Unix package to Cygwin environment.
> > >This package use the capability offered by xterm but also by linux
> > >console to set the numerical key pad in "Application mode" (by
> sending
> > >an escape sequence string).
> > >This facility seem to be not available, and a quick look into the
> file
> > > and into winuser.h show me that "NUMPADxx" key
> > >outside VK_NUMPAD5 is not handle. but only the "Numeric key pad mode"
> > >is handle.
> > >
> > >Do you have any plan to provide the cygwin console with this facility
> > >similar to xterm and or linux console,
> >
> > No plans, but you're welcome to submit a patch.
> >
> > >our could you provide me with any alternated way to have a similar
> > >result.
> >
> > Have you tried 'rxvt'?
> >
> > If you don't have it installed currently, rerun setup.exe to install
> it.
> >


You'll want to follow the procedures outlined on:

This includes submitting an assignment form since your changes to the
cygwin dll are so great.  You'll notice that the directions ask for a
patch against current CVS sources and that patches should be sent to the
cygwin-patches mailing list.


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