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RE: new-style Cygwin symlinks, NTEmacs' dired mode, and ls-lisp.el

To answer a couple of the respondents to my post:

Indeed setting the insert-program to "ls" works, yet it is significantly
slower than the code I posted.

With the code I posted, I find I can follow MS-generated and
Cygwin-generated symlinks in dired.

I can also use the S and Y commands to create new symlinks in dired.  I
get an Emacs error when I do the command, but the symlink is in fact
created and can be viewed normally by refreshing ("g").  I haven't tried
to fix this yet; I think it is easy.

One cannot make symlinks to symlinks, however; you get a second symlink
to the target.

The code in ls-lisp.el v 1.22 fails to recognize a few MS shortcuts.  I
have not figured a reasonable way to include the shortcut file in an

The following is an improvement on the code I posted; this
save-excursion should replace the earlier one.  It's still
reverse-engineered rather than based confidently on specs.

			(let* ((delimiter (buffer-substring 77 79))
			       (delimiter2 (progn
					     (forward-char 78)
			       (comment (buffer-substring 79 (-
delimiter2 2)))
;;;			       (target (buffer-substring delimiter2
;;;			  (message "MSS | delimiter: %s" delimiter)
;;;			  (message "MSS | delimiter2: %s" delimiter2)
;;			  (message "MSS | comment: %s" comment)
;;			  (message "MSS | target: %s" target)

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