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not a bug; just a suggestion

I have access to an internet connection on a different machine than where I want to install Cygwin; I do not have access on that target machine. It seems to me that one of your web pages ( calls me a masochist because of that. I suggest you may want to replace that aspersion with simple instructions that would facilitate:
1. get setup.exe off the web.
2. get the files needed by setup.exe in a zip, gz, or tar file off the web
3. sneakernet (CDRW, anyone?) to my other system, place the files (& maybe untar, unzip, etc.)
4. run setup, & point to the local files

That's not really masochism, I claim. And how much trouble would it be, really, to use a program like WinZip to package the necessary files, thereby solving the chicken/egg problem for anyone who has WinZip (most Windoze users, I think)? Surely there are equivalent free software solutions as well, if it's a question of philosophy (lha comes to mind).

Anyway, just a suggestion. But maybe you'd rather not have any atypical users (or just users like me).


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