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Linux bash vs. Cygwin bash and $1

Hey everyone,

I'm having some difficulty with some bash scripts that work fine on my
Linux machine, but do not work as expected on my XP machine running
Cygwin.  First off, I was searching the FAQ's and for
differences between Linux bash and Cygwin bash and did not find
information I was looking for.  Does anyone know of such a reference

Here is an example; I have the following script named "vcmp":

echo "***** Listing ONLY differences..."
echo $#
if [ $# -gt 1 ]; then
  cvs -n -q update $@
  cvs -n -q update

echo $0
echo $1
echo $2

echo "*****  CVS Compare Complete..."

I execute the command "vcmp resync_all"

In Linux bash, I get the following values:
$#  :  1
$0  :  ./vcmp
$1  :  resync_all
$2  : (null)

In Cygwin, I get the following values:
$#  :  2
$0  : /usr/cvs/cvs_scripts/vcmp
$1  :  !*   <-- where did this come from?
$2  :  resync_all

I am perplexed as to why I'm getting "!*" for $1 ?

There also seems to be a difference on what Linux considers to be the
first argument versus what Cygwin considers as the first argument.
Perhaps I am doing something incorrectly that I am not aware of...

Thanks in advance for any information!

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