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Re: not a bug; just a suggestion

Charles Wilson wrote:

Download wGetGUI ( from
Download and from
Unpack 'em all into a single directory. Run wgetguie

'wGetGUI' is another GPL'ed front end for wget. Install, read the manual, use the 'mirror site' option, and point it to your favorite cygwin mirror.

NOTE: you may need to download the activeX control:
unpack, and install using the provided .inf file (you must do this as Administrator)

My mistake. You also need the VB6 version of comdlg32.ocx:

VB6 OCX's:;en-us;Q193366
(e.g. )

VB5 OCX's:;en-us;Q172991
(e.g. )

I had to download these two CAB files, unpack them (using the extract.exe tool: ). Then I installed the two OCX's (as Administrator) by double clicking the .inf files.

This was all on a fairly complete w2k machine; other platforms may require additional DLLs and OCX's; information about that is provided at the wGetGUI website

Once you get wGetGUI running, type your favorite URL into the URL entry field, e.g.

Click on the "Mirror Site" check box AND click on the "Don't go to higher levels" checkbox.

Push the "Add to wGetStart.bat" button, and then push the "Start wGetStart.bat" button.

(Note that if you want to change settings, you have to
1) Empty the .bat file (use the button)
2) change settings
3) type the URL in again
4) Add to .bat file
5) start the .bat file

It's a little cumbersome, but it's a GUI -- and windows users like GUIs.


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