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RE: New Mutt 1.4 package???

> On Mon, Jul 08, 2002 at 11:49:58AM -0700, Nicholas Wourms wrote:
> > --- Tom Halser <> wrote:
> > > Who's the maintainer of the mutt package?
> >
> > Please use the mailing-list archives.  This subject has been discussed in
> > the past.  I'm sure when Jason is ready to, he will release mutt-1.4.
> Umm...  I am not the Cygwin mutt maintainer.
> Although, I have been considering trying to wrestle it away from
> Gary. :,)

I've been considering the exact same thing, but I was a bit reluctant to breach
the subject, as your cup already looks like it overfloweth ;-).  But if you'd be
willing to maintain it, I'd be more than happy to step down.  Mutt deserves much
more attention than I've been able to give it, and now with working fetchmail
and procmail and the associated potential interoperability issues, I completely
agree that it would make sense for you to take over.

Plus, that'll give me more time to not work on setup. ;-)

>  Since I already maintain Cygwin fetchmail and procmail
> and I'm a "heavy" Cygwin mutt user, this may make sense...

That's been my main problem I guess; I'm *not* a heavy mutt user, I just use it
occaisionally to send emails from scripts.  I got it to the point where that
works reliably from text mounts and then dereliction of duty set in.

Let's do this (again, if you're willing to take over):  No Sleep 'Til 1.4.  I
don't hit the sack tonight until I've finished and uploaded the mutt-1.4-1
package.  That'll be my swan song, and then if everybody's in agreement and we
can get all the proper clearances, mutt and hence all of Cygwin's mail
functionality is Tishler territory forevermore ;-).

Gary R. Van Sickle
Brewer.  Patriot.

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