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Asking for help with adding commands (programs).

Hi, my name is Ryota Koide. 

I work for a localization company in Japan and deal with a lot of text
manupulations and issues. Unfortunately, we don't have Unix installed on
each workstation so Cygwin will be a big help since I am used to and
love playing with text files with Unix commands and shell scripts. 

I dowloaded Cygwin and was suprised that it was actually working but
looks like there are some useful commands (programs) missing for the
default setup like vi and more. I know they are available out there for
dowload but I don't know where. And I won't know how to set them up so
that they will be typed at prompt and work like other commands. 

Anyway, I would appreciate it if you could help me with my questions.
Thank you.

P.S. Looks like I cannot type (or cut&paste) any double-bye letters like 
( and )or even any Japanese letters. Is there any package available to
solve this? I don't think there is currently huge demand for this
software from Japanese users so I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't.

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