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Re: The "make" command and file handle problem

On Tuesday 09 July 2002 01:23 am, Johan Bezem wrote:
> Hi,
> Andrew Chang wrote:
> > On cygwin1.3.12-1, I am running a multi-level makefile.
> > For some reason the top level make seems corrupt the file handle
> > of the its sub-process. (redirected i/o no longer works in the
> > sub-process). Note that my top level makefile is a very complex makefile,
> > it probably works fine if you have a simple makefile.
> > Fortunately, I stumble across a workaround; It turns out if you spawn
> > the lower level make via the DOS shell, the problem goes away.
> >
> > e.g.
> >
> > low_level_target:
> >         cd sub_dir && cmd /c make low_level_stuff;
> >
> > Hope this will save someone sometime...
> Without further data as to used versions, this will hardly help anyone.
>  make-3.79.1-7
> using a "very complex makefile" (whatever that is) on multiple directory
> levels under bash, and I have no problems...
> How did you deduce that make is corrupting a file handle?
The low level make runs a configure script, which 
uses a "here document", like so

cat >outfile <<EOF

The outfile is empty after the above command is done.
(note: the low level make is just compiling the standard gnu "patch" source,
 there is nothing special about this target)
Unfortunately I have not come up with a minimin test case yet, sorry.
The dos shell workaround do work, however.

> Regards,,
> Johan Bezem
> CSK Software AG

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