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suggestion for compiling libjava [was Re: gcc2-2.95.3-7 uploaded]

--- Christopher Faylor <> wrote:
> This should fix the problem with finding libstdc++.a.  For the record,
> libstdc++.a has been renamed to libstdc++-2.a in this package.  I've
> used this version to successfully compile Chuck's test case (thanks
> again, Chuck).
> This release also includes a couple of spec file tweaks (adds
> libmingwex.a to the -mno-cygwin case) and it includes g77-2.exe.
> g77-2.exe is completely untested, however.  And, it will always be thus.
> I'm still working on rebuilding gcc3.  Getting libjava built is turning
> out to be quite a challenge.  Of course, once I get it built, it
> probably won't work anyway, but one challenge at a time.


As I mentioned before, libjava is *NOT* properly detecting header files
and libraries, and is thus not defining half the includes it should define
in the autoheader file.  You *HAVE* to go into libjava/config/ and hand
verifying the contents, line-by-line, of the .h file generated by
configure.  Otherwise you will be getting compile-time errors to no end. 
Also, the install script is not recognizing .exe extentions properly, so
you may have to tweak it.  This is what I had to do to get libjava to
compile on my system, that and the exceptions I mentioned in my previous
email.  Hope this helps.  For the benefit of the archives, if you are
compiling libgcj in cygwin you must use CYGWIN=check_case:strict,
otherwise the java libraries won't get built.


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