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Building slang lib for Cygwin

Reposted from alt.lang.s-lang, where no response was rec'd. If anyone here has 
any experience with it I would appreciate some pointers. Ta.

I am attempting to build s-lang 1.4.5 under Cygwin. Actually, 
correction, I have already done so, and it compiled out of the 
box. Then, when I do make runtests, I get this:

Running tests:

Testing syntax ...Ok
Testing sscanf ...S-Lang Traceback: (Error occurred on line 40)
S-Lang Traceback: test_atof
  Local Variables:
        $0: Type: Double_Type,  Value:  -1.82703
        $1: Type: Undefined_Type,       Value:  Undefined_Type
        $2: Type: String_Type,  Value:  "-
        $3: Type: String_Type,  Value:  "-
S-Lang Traceback: (Error occurred on line 75)
S-Lang Traceback: (Error occurred on line 72)
S-Lang Traceback: loop
S-Lang Traceback: (Error occurred on line 61)
S-Lang Traceback: test_atof_main
  Local Variables:
        $0: Type: Integer_Type, Value:  1000
        $1: Type: Double_Type,  Value:  -91.5717
        $2: Type: Double_Type,  Value:  -1.70002
        $3: Type: Double_Type,  Value:  -1.82703
S-Lang Error: Internal Error: called from line 81, file:
Testing looping constructs ...Ok
[everything else ok]

Is this something I should be worried about? I'm not sure if 
this is "normal" behaviour under Cygwin or whether something has 
got messed up along the way somewhere. TIA for any advice.

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