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Toplevel configury of src

The toplevel configury of src is, as all you developers know, a mess.
I've been trying to clean it up over at gcc.  I ran into a bizarre
situation and was told that Cygwin people might be able to help clear it

Suppose you're building a combined tree of some sort with target

According to the comments, newlib is 'always' built.  This is false.

If --without-newlib was specified and host=target, the newlib in the
tree is not built.

If --without-newlib is specified and host!=target, the newlib in the
tree is built, but it isn't used; --with-newlib isn't passed to
subconfigures, and nothing is added to FLAGS_FOR_TARGET for newlib.

This is almost certainly wrong behavior.

How should --without-newlib behave when targeting *-*-cygwin* (and the

Should it mean "Don't build or use the newlib in the tree; use installed
libs and headers, or the ones specified with --with-libs and

Should it be illegal, and give an error message?

Should it be unspecified, in which case I can change its behavior for
code cleanliness?

Please send responses to  Thanks.

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