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Re: Problem with cygwin1.dll and xfree

"Charles Wilson" <> wrote in message">

> > I think that basically what would be required would be to enable
Setup.exe to
> > be controlled by a config file (similar to a RedHat kickstart file), and
> > its GUI not displayed unless there was a problem and user interaction
> > required.
> This is a good idea -- and the skeleton is already there.  What you need
>    1) first, command-line options that can completely control setup's
> behavior from start to finish.  Robert wrote and entirely separate
> GPL'ed option handler in OO C++ (all existing getopt/popt
> implementations are C, or C-dressed-up-as-C++).  There are even a few
> commandline options already implemented.  It just needs fleshing out

Yup. And the majority are trivial to add. The list-of-packages-to-install
collection is the (slightly) hard one as GetOpt++ has no 'native' interface
for that at the moment. However I've implemented such a collection twice now
using GetOpt++ for other projects, and am about ready to provide a generic
interface in GetOpt++.

>    2) Then, add the ability to read all of those options from a config
> file, including pkgs-to-install.  (This may actually already exist as
> part of Roberts GetOpt++ project)

It's not a deliberate inclusion, but consider that a command collection
takes argc, argv arguments. Parse the file into strings, treating unquoted
spaces and line breaks as new strings. Place pointers to those cstrings in a
vector and it's all done.


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