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Re: another cygwin using program...

On Wed, Jul 10, 2002 at 06:02:55AM +0000, Gareth Pearce wrote:
>>> > >
>>> > > uses cygwin1.dll - and might not be providing source ... I
>>> > > cant find it...
>>> >
>>> >You didn't look very hard.  Source is included in the same
>>> >archive as the executable.
>>> cygwin1.dll source to be specific
>>Sorry.  That wasn't clear.
>>> I did indeed find the source to identd in the obvious place.
>>Yep.  And they point to Cygwin, but thier alternate site for Cygwin has the
>>old B20 version.  Will thier code build against the current version of the
>>DLL?  If not, they aren't in compliance with the GPL.
>previous mailing list discussions on this topic state that if they 
>distribute the cygwin1.dll, they have to distribute the source code for that 
>particular version.

You are correct, sir.

>So either way its a violation. (ie linking isnt good enough, according to 
>previous discussions) - I am still in digital unix at uni so i have no idea 
>if it compiles with current cygwin, anyway.
>But, it was a headsup, not a 'i am deeply concerned about this' or I would 
>of emailed the person responsible for the web site in the first place.  If i 
>was one of the cygwin developers, maybe i would feel differently, but as a 
>user headsup is enough from me.

Yep.  I wouldn't want to subject a user to the pain of sending this kind of
email.  Seriously.  It's never fun.

I'll probably send something off as soon as I can ensure that my spirit is
pure and my will is strong.

Thanks for the heads up.  It is appreciated.  Keem em coming.


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