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Re: another cygwin using program...

--- Gareth Pearce <> wrote:
> hi ...
> before i get flammed like last time - i dont really care about this, its
> just a heads up incase someone else does.
> uses cygwin1.dll - and might not be providing source ... I cant find
> it... 
> unless its in cygwin-b20-full.exe.  Which i cant check since i am not
> near a 
> windows box.
> Certainly doesnt make it clear where the source is.
> Anyway ... just a 'if anyone cares' I ran into it trying to find an
> identd 
> solution for players at the mud I help run. (stupid aol ips change so
> much 
> that theres no way to tell any of the aol players apart, good from the
> bad)
> hmmm, there isnt an identd for cygwin by any chance ... i dont see
> anything 
> in a package search, if not maybe i can look into the portability of
> one...
> Gareth

Don't ya need bind for identd?  If so, you'll probably want to work on
porting the latest bind before you work on identd.


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