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Re: [avail for test] automake-devel-1.6.2-1, libtool-20020705-1

Unless I hear an objection in the next few hours, I'll go ahead and mark automake-devel as 'current'. However, there are still a few issues with this libtool release, so that'll stay 'test' until I can upload a fixed version.

Been having a few problems with the libtool mailing list: first was down all weekend, and now it appears to be up -- but no messages are being archived. I've mentioned the problem to Gary Vaughan (libtool maintainer) but no response on that issue yet. Is there a "central" gnu mailing list / mail archive place (not webmaster@) at to report these sorts of bugs to? "Hey, is messed up -- it's not archiving libtool@, libtool-patches@, ..."


Charles Wilson wrote:

I've uploaded a new version of automake-devel and libtool-devel to sources. They are marked 'test', so when using setup.exe you'll have to click on the version number until the correct version appears, in order to install these.

automake-devel-1.6.2-1 changes:
update to 1.6.2 release
now only fails a single test: subobj9 (due to 'cp -p' failure when running as non-root)

libtool-20020705-1 changes:
update to CVS snapshot of 20020705
now only fails two tests: build-relink2 and quote
fix postinstall_cmds to handle libraries in subdirs(*)
'libtool -static' now does what you would expect

Corinna -- with your approval, and if there are no problem reports, I'll mark the automake-devel as 'current' in a few days.


(*) ------------------
Uncovered by a test failure in the automake-1.6.2 suite (nobase).

/bin/bash ./libtool --mode=install /usr/bin/install -c sub/ \

Only one problem: postinstall_cmds do this:

dlpath=`bash 2>&1 -c '. sub/.libs/sub/libbase.lai;echo $dlname'`
dldir=/usr/src/automake/devel/automake-1.6.2/.build/tests/testSubDir/inst/foo/`dirname $dlpath`

Notice that we try to access sub/.libs/sub/libbase.lai -- this is wrong.
libbase.lai is in .libs, not .libs/sub/. The problem is \${file} is should be basename'd.

This is fixed in this cygwin-special version of libtool-20020705

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