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Re: Running Cygwin as a serivce and automatically executing a script


	why not execute /usr/bin/perl with as the command line
prompt?  In other words don't worry about the rest of the bat file.

	Is it that uses the /tmp directory?  Have you tried
amending your perl script to use the full path for /tmp, i.e.


On Wed, 10 Jul 2002, Dave wrote:

> After Spending a few hours hunting through mailing list archives and reading
> the FAQ inside and out, I have decided to make a post to the list.
> The Question:
> I want to run Cygwin as a service on Windows 2000 Professional with service
> pack 2 and get Cygwin to automatically run a script (in this instance a Perl
> script).
> Getting Cygwin to run as a service (that runs for any users) is not a
> problem, I am currently using FireDaemon ( and
> linking to a batch file, setting C:\cygwin as the working directory and
> C:\cygwin\mybatfile.bat as the execution file.
> The batch file is loaded as intended every time the machine is turned on,
> however Cygwins behaviour is odd.
> The batch files contains:
> C:
> chdir C:\cygwin\bin
> bash --login -i
> CD ~
> CD mydir
> perl
> When I run the batch file normally it gets as far as opening the bash, using
> the currently logged in user (which happens to be administrator).
> When run as a service (with or without the service set to run as
> administrator) it loads the bash, but the bash reports it cannot find the
> /tmp dir. And it stops execution.
> In both instance the script is not loaded.
> I am not very experience with either Unix or Cygwin, so any help would be
> great J
> What I am trying to actually do?
> The reason I wish to run it as a service is to hide the Cygwin window, as I
> use the machine its on for many other things and having the bash window on
> the taskbar is a pain, as its not actually doing anything, once the script
> has been run.
> If there is another way to load a script automatically and hide the Cygwin
> window, I am all ears.
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