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Telnet's driving me mad!

Can anyone off any suggestions as to why I can't access UNC paths on some of
my machines using telnet but I can on others?

It's not a windows share problem - if I log in on those machines I can see
the directories I'm trying to see.

It's not a Cygwin version problem - each machine has the same version of
Cygwin and Inetutils (and only one cygwin dll on each machine).

But on all my machines except my laptop if I telnet in and try to cd to a
network share I get "Permission denied".

I am accessing machine spanning different domains. But if I have the
permissions required when I log in then shouldn't I have the same
permissions when I telnet in? My inetd is a service installed using
/usr/sbin/inetd --install-as-service, so it's running as the local system

This is really bugging me and I've tried reinstalling cygwin and playing
with the passwd file. I can't think of what else to try. This used to work
fine for me. :-(

Suggestions on an email... please!


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