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Re: 1.3.12-2 : atof() always returns 0

>>>>> "hlenet" == hlenet  <Herv> writes:

    hlenet> Hi,
    hlenet> The atof() function, compiled with gcc, always returns 0.

    hlenet> Example :

    hlenet> f = atof("123.456");
    hlenet> printf("%f\n", f);

    hlenet> Result :
    hlenet> 0.000000


I'm wondering wether this is the reason for the failing test of libslang

  o slang-1.4.5 - -

Whereas it doesn't fail the test with cygwin-1.3.10.

cd src; make runtests
make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/local/src/slang-1.4.5/src'
cd test; make CC="gcc" CFLAGS="-g -O2  -fno-strength-reduce" TCAPLIB=""
make[2]: Entering directory `/usr/local/src/slang-1.4.5/src/test'

Running tests:

Testing syntax ...Ok
Testing sscanf ...S-Lang Traceback: (Error occurred on line 40)
S-Lang Traceback: test_atof
  Local Variables:
        $0: Type: Double_Type,  Value:  -1.82703
        $1: Type: Undefined_Type,       Value:  Undefined_Type
        $2: Type: String_Type,  Value:  "-1.8270318497395046097864224066142924129962920000000000000000000000e+00"
        $3: Type: String_Type,  Value:  "-1.8270318497395046097864224066142924129962920000000000000000000000E+00"
S-Lang Traceback: (Error occurred on line 75)
S-Lang Traceback: (Error occurred on line 72)
S-Lang Traceback: loop
S-Lang Traceback: (Error occurred on line 61)
S-Lang Traceback: test_atof_main
  Local Variables:
        $0: Type: Integer_Type, Value:  1000
        $1: Type: Double_Type,  Value:  -91.5717
        $2: Type: Double_Type,  Value:  -1.70002
        $3: Type: Double_Type,  Value:  -1.82703
S-Lang Error: Internal Error: called from line 81, file:
Testing looping constructs ...Ok
Testing Arithmetic ...Ok
Testing array functions ...Ok
Testing string functions...Ok
Testing Binary Strings...Ok
Testing pack and unpack functions...Ok
Testing stdio routines...Ok
Testing Associative Arrays ...Ok
Testing recursive function modifications ...Ok
Testing structures ...Ok
Testing NameSpace routines ...Ok
Testing ospath ...Ok
Testing #ifeval ...Ok
Testing Any_Type ...Ok
Testing Matrix Multiplications ...Ok
touch sltest.c
make[2]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/src/slang-1.4.5/src/test'
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/src/slang-1.4.5/src'


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