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source release of mutt 1.4

It appears that the source release of mutt 1.4 was messed up.  

setup doesnt show a source release as available, but when I simply ftp
to the mirrors, I find that there is in fact a src package setting

But, the tar file appears to simply be a html file that is a att
worldnet 404 error message.  Seems the mirrors dont have the right url
to fetch the src from.

I would like to get my hands on the source, cause as far as I can see,
the package needs recompiled.  I dont use the program the way the
author seems to have from his notes, and I am fairly sure that to work
the way I need it, I need to turn off dotlock functionality.  

I use fetchmail and procmail to grab all my email and deliver it to a
spool file, and then have mutt read from that file.

I keep getting told that the lock count has exceeded some count if I use
1.4 (which im not, I went back to 1.2, since it works right for me).

I would be glad to try to fix this my self, but I cant find the source
anywhere.  If the author is reading this, (Gary R. Van Sickle) could you
point me to where you have the source, or see if you can get the
released source package set up right so the mirrors have it available
for us.



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