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RE: gzip.exe as symlink...

--- "Robinow, David" <> wrote:
> > From: Nicholas Wourms []
> > Subject: Re: gzip.exe as symlink...
> > --- Jon Cast <> wrote:
> > > Robert Collins <> wrote:
> > > <snip>
> > > > I'd never thought about it - why would anyone care which is the
> real
> > > > file?
> > > 
> > > If they have to use any program not linked with cygwin1.dll.
> > You should be using vi & bash, then you wouldn't have all 
> > these "issues".
>  bash has nothing to do with this issue.  Use of "vi" will have the same
> issue as "emacs". i.e., unless you use a cygwin version it will not
> recognize cygwin links.  Some people like to use NTEmacs because it has
> some
> features not available in cygwin XEmacs.  I don't know if there's an
> NTvi
> with features not present in cygwin vi -- I've never used vi.  In fact
> I've
> never met anybody who's used vi more than casually, although I hear it's
> popular in some circles.
>  In any case there's no need to learn an obscure editor just to read
> compressed files.   (setq jka-compr-use-shell t)  will force the
> compression
> code to use a shell (defaults to "sh") instead of "call-process". Use of
> a
> cygwin shell is of course required.
>  One could also dispense with the use of links altogether. gzip.exe is
> only
> 60K.

Sigh, as usual the emacs camp always misses the point.  You use a shell
for file operations and you use an editor for editing.  Why is there any
need to muddle the two?  Vi is simple and elegant, whereas emacs is
well...  rather bloated and not very elegant.  Would you use a chainsaw to
cut a diamond?  I think not...


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