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"Couldn't duplicate my handle" error


After installing the newest cygwin release on my w2k box, I get the
following error message when make runs a specific program:

 $ make
 /d/mri/mcc68k/mcc68k -c -o main.o main.c
 267 [main] make 1404 proc_subproc: Couldn't duplicate my handle<0x30> for
pid 150, Win32 error 6

mcc68k is an old (probably 16-bit) cross-compiler from microtec research.
I think the problem has to do with this 16-bit-stuff.

On my old NT-4.0 box (with an old cygwin-release) I've never seen such an
error message.

I have searched through the archives and found about 30 questions related
to this error message but there were no answers. The only hint was from
Stephen Smith who mentions in that the error
is generated at, line 266.

I am not sure whether the error does a real harm, because the compiler
creates object files which are identical to those created on my old NT-4.0

The error message disappears when I put the command into parenthesis
and make calls the compiler indirectly via a sub-shell. So I assume that
this is not a general cygwin-problem but has something to do with the
specific way how make spawns its children.

Since I can reproduce this message, I would like to track it down.
Unfortunately, I have no clue how to debug this windows-dll stuff. Maybe
some kind soul could give me a little guide how to track it down?

BTW: Does anybody know what "Win32 error 6" means?

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