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RE: Cygwin is SLOW.


> Next time, try pasting the _actual_ script that you're using.

Thank you very much for your patience and for running the script -- my
apologies for the poor attachment; I will take greater care next time

> You're script isn't just doing chmod, though, it's doing SYSTEM chmod.

I realize that. Locally we did the same thing that you did, namely to
replace the Perl system() calls with local Perl fs calls -- that sped things
up quite a bit.

While you tried out the script with an older Perl, we were using the exact
same Perl (ActivePerl build 517), but varying our version of Cygwin used.
Our scripts were all executing locally, from local executables, so it wasn't
a network issue, either.

> If you want it to run fast, avoid system().

Our conclusion as well, but an unfortunate one, given that the older Cygwins
(not the older Perls) seem to be a whole lot more efficient at system(). Did
this get moved from copy-on-write lazy-load to some sort of "copy all pages
before doing anything" kind of a model? It feels like a bug. I may try to
get around to it, but I felt it was my duty to bring this to the attention
of the Cygwin crowd, in case it was sufficiently obvious to someone.

Bernard, thank you again for your time, and double apologies for the poor
script attachment.

 David E. Weekly
 Software Engineer
 There, Inc.

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