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RE: Broken since 1.3.10, or earlier

Ah, it has been a few *years* since I checked the grep man page. Who
would've thought, someone has been improving it all that time...  :)

Thanks for the excellent response.

Austin, TX, USA

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Randall R Schulz []
> Sent: Tuesday, July 16, 2002 7:01 PM
> To:;
> Subject: Re: Broken since 1.3.10, or earlier
> Dan,
> I take it that by "inconsistent" you mean the relative ordering of the
> output of the "grep" processes and of the "echo" commands is not
> the strict
> alternation you'd expect.
> That's what I see, anyway. I even saw two lines of grep output
> that follow
> the shell prompt printed after the command "completes."
> It seems there's some asynchrony in the processing of the output and that
> somehow, in effect, there's a race condition.
> I believe we've seen other reports of similar problems.
> Someone who knows about the internal architecture of I/O processing in
> Cygwin might be able to shed some light on this. If, for example, there's
> some kind of queuing of I/O operations in Cygwin1.dll between the
> application code (grep or a shell, in this case) and the Windows I/O
> primitives, then there might be an opportunity for this kind of
> asynchrony.
> It's too bad strace cannot solve this one, but since there's the
> shell plus
> one grep for each file to be examined, it's not going to help resolve
> relative timing issues.
> Lest you think this is just idle speculation ... Well it is ...
> But here's
> a concrete suggestion on a work-around:
> grep -R --include='*.java' Copyright .
> If you need those other lines interleaved with the just file
> names, you can
> do this:
> (grep    -R --include='*.java' Copyright tau rrs;
>   grep -l -R --include='*.java' Copyright tau rrs) |sort
> This may do everything twice, but on Cygwin, anyway, it's
> distinctly faster
> than your original, what with it's repeated invocation of grep.
> I hope you find that helpful.
> Randall Schulz
> Mountain View, CA USA

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