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Re: gzip.exe as symlink...

Nicholas Wourms <> wrote:
> Sigh, as usual the emacs camp always misses the point.

``As usual ... always''.  Not simple or elegant.  Not relevant, but
neither are your comments.

> You use a shell for file operations

So `vi foo.gz' works why?

> and you use an editor for editing.

Right.  Not a viitor.  Not an emacsitor.  Those aren't even words!

> Why is there any need to muddle the two?  Vi is simple and elegant,

And is an actual editor.

> whereas emacs is well...

Not an editor.  It's a desktop environment under the delusion it's an
editor.  It's still a better editor (no ugly i/a/e/etc. just to type
in text) and desktop environment (M-x customize is the best thing I've
seen) than anything else out there.

> rather bloated

For a desktop environment?

> and not very elegant.

How can something be more elegant than Lisp?

> Would you use a chainsaw to cut a diamond?  I think not...

No.  But I wouldn't precariously balance said diamond between my
fore-finger and tongue, either.  I'd use a real tool to hold it.

> Cheers,
> Nicholas

Jon Cast

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