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Re: gzip.exe as symlink breaks NTEmacs's jka-compr.el

At 20:12 2002-07-16, Robert Collins wrote:

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From: "Randall R Schulz" <>
To: "Robert Collins" <>; <>

> >It's not the ln smarts that are needed, its the cygwin1.dll hard link
> >smarts. I'd happily accept a patch to the cygfile:// handler in setup to
> >perform hard links rather thank copies. Of course, the package maintainers
> >will suddenly all need to build on NTFS as well, and with hardlinks to boot,
> >before anything changes.
> It occurred to me that Cygwin1.dll might be making the copy on FAT file
> systems, but that didn't seem to make much sense, since the "hard link
> fails on FAT" case seems awfully close to the "cross-dev link fails" case
> that a conventional Unix "ln" already has to deal with.

Huh? Cygwin1.dll doesn't make a copy on FAT - it fails as you have just
noted.. Setup.exe's cygfile:// handler makes copies.



That's what I thought. But when you wrote:

It's not the ln smarts that are needed, its the cygwin1.dll hard link smarts.
I thought you were saying that the special case for copying when a hard link is requested on a FAT volume was handled in Cygwin1.dll, not in "ln" as I'd assumed.


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