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RE: Setup hanging while downloading

I use Windows 2000 Professional and am an administrator, at least in the
sense of privileges--having spent most of the last 20 years in another
environment, I'm still a bit of a novice at Windows. Virtually all the real
administration is done by the IT staff.

Zone Alarm doesn't ring any bells. I don't see anything by that name in the
"change/remove programs" control panel, but how can I tell for certain?
Likewise for NAT.

I can't speak for the routing tables at all, except to say that it's quite
seldom that I've seen a problem that looks like a routing issue (e.g. can't
ping an external IP address from our intranet, though it will ping from
outside.). Much more common (but probably not related to the setup issue) is
in-house DNS servers returning out-of-date address info for other domains.

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Subject: RE: Setup hanging while downloading

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> > What choices do you make in setup on the network connection page
> > - ie 5 settings/ proxy/ direct ?
> I use "direct connection." (I may have tried using the IE 
> setting as well,
> but don't use it in general.)

Do you have Zone alarm installed on your machine?
What OS are you running?
If NT/2K/XP are you and administrator?
Is NAT in use?
Is your route table accurate?


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