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Samba on Cygwin: symlinks on Windows

Hello CygWinners,

Earlier there was a discussion on the Net about a possible port of Samba to
Windows: see and
follow-ups. There's even a page
( where they mention an attempt
to port a pre-2.0 version (no results though). Somebody answered that this
was a nonsense idea since Windows already had builtin support for SMB shares
(both as client and as server).

Well, I know of at least one worthwile advantage of a Samba port on Windows.

Suppose this:
- you have Cygwin installed to the root of a Windows drive (D:)
- you share "/" with Samba, and mount it in Windows, as, say, S:.
- do a "ln -s X Y" and presto: you have a symlink to X on your Windows box!
You see it as a Windows .lnk on D:, but it looks like a symlink on S:!

The reason I need this is that I'm writing an app that heavily relies on
symlinks. Some of the tasks I can't do without symlinks, others I can do by
copying files, but even that is UGLY. So I looked up if there were Samba
binaries for Windows, but I haven't found any.

The reason I'm writing is that you may have seen a Windows binary, or you
may be willing to help continue the effort.

This is how far I got:
- I managed to compile Samba 2.2.5 on Cygwin it by making some evident
modifications to 3 .c files. (I'm no C programmer though.)
- I realized that my Win2K box only frees up ports 137 and 139 (the SMB
ports) when I stop the Server service.
- with the Server service stopped, I ran smbd and nmbd. They pretended
running, and their log files looked healthy, but a share inspection
(\\hostname) in Windows Explorer said something like, '\\HOSTNAME
unavailable. The Server service has not started.' -- Maybe Windows depends
on that specific service when just VIEWING shares?!?
- smbclient, smbcontrol and smbstatus all core dumped.
- using the most recent cygwin

Any input or idea on how to continue from here is appreciated.

Thanks! Greetings,
Attila Bori

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