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Re: New setup pre-release - feedback needed


I've just followed the link to test your pre-release of
setup, and I very much like the changes you've made.

I think I've found a bug however:

I'm using Win2k SP2 with NTFS local disk. I downloaded from
and selected Download for internet. I downloaded from, changing "default" to "install"
against the "all" option so everything new was downloaded.
Everything went OK, until I got a pop-up box saying "download
incomplete. Try again ?" On trying again, setup determined
there was nothing to download, and then produced the pop-up box
again. I selected "No" and then continued the setup process.
I then re-started setup to "install from local directory"
and everything appears to have gone OK.

I then restarted setup.exe again, and selected "download from internet"
I selected the same source, and to install all, as before. Setup
determined there was nothing to download, but again produced
the "download incomplete"pop-up box.

I hope this report is detailed enough to be helpful.

/John Vincent.

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