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Re: FTP server?

In answer to the questions,

I had not remembered about cygwin's own FTP command line client program, it
did work so the only FTP program that it did not work with was with ws_ftp.

There server I have setup is my personal machine, win2k with cygwin
installed and setup to listen to FTP requests.

When I connect to the FTP server that is in question, I always use a
username/password as in there is no anonymous access.

When I was describing this "engineering server" I hadn't thought it would
matter, being that it was to point out that other FTP clients can get in.
But anyways I am not sure what version of the software is installed, though
it is a Solaris machine. If someone wants me to check, I will ask what
commands to use?

Another thing I realized is that this same FTP server that I am having
troubles was setup and working back in May without any configuration changes
to the server, and it worked perfectly fine then when running on the
standard port for FTP. The only changes I have made since then was to do
periodic updates of my cygwin installation, but I have not altered my
inetd.conf file and the similar config files. If anyone has a suggestion I
would greatly appreciate it.

Daniel Adams

"Andrew DeFaria" <> wrote in message">
> Emailed and posted to the list...
> Daniel Adams wrote:
> > I had recently updated my cygwin installation, and I use the FTP
> > server that is associated with it for my computer.
> Clarification: Do you mean you installed Cygwin on a machine and set it
> up such that it response to incoming ftp requests?
> > When I try with ws_ftp to connect to the server, and then do a list
> > command it gives me an error saying "The application failed to
> > initialize properly (0xc0000022). Click on OK to terminate the
> > application."
> Clarification: Do you mean you use ws_ftp to connect to this machine on
> which you installed Cygwin and setup the ftp service? Also, how did you
> connect? As a user or anonymous?
> > On the other hand if I log in to the engineering server at the college
> > I am associated with and try to connect via the plain "ftp" program it
> > give me no errors at all.
> Clarification: Do you mean that you log into an "engineering server"
> (What exactly is that? What OS is it running?) and attempt to connect to
> this machine on which you installed Cygwin and setup the ftp service it
> works? Again, how did you connect? Anonymous? Or as a user name?
> > I will be glad to try testing other things and giving more information
> > especially if anyone can help me with this. Does anyone have any ideas.
> How about trying Cygwin's own, command line oriented, plain ftp program?
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