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[Fwd: Problems with RSH & SSH]


A week ago I posted this and I played with it again for hours but with no result yet.
rsh still says it cannot find the homeaccount. And the SSH service still prefers to die
after executing one command. I tried it on 3 different machines all with the same result.
Am I the only one having this problem? I also looked all over the malinglist archive but
did not find any clue where the problem may be.

Thanks again for all your help,


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I played for a couple of hours to activate rsh/ssh on my cygwin. But I got
a couple of problems.

My system is running W2k SP2 with actual cygwin (see small list below).
My Homeaccount resides on a network drive served by a linux samba machine
and I am doing domain logons with an NT Server.

Versionnumbers of relevant packages installed:
cygrunsrv           0.95-1
cygwin              1.3.12-2
inetutils           1.3.2-18
openssh             3.4p1-4

I have setup inetd as I usally do it on a Unix box. inetd.conf and
hosts.equiv are set up correctly Telnet and FTP appear to work
correctly. Login is no problem with any user  I like. I can access
eg my Homeacount without problem. Really lovely.
But when doing a
rsh localhost ls
(or whatever I like to do no matter from the local machine or a
remotemachine) I get this:
oppenheim: No remote directory.
(oppenheim is the name of my host).

It seems to me it cannot find the Homedirectory.
Eventviewer shows:  roland@oppenheim as roland: no home directory.
/var/log/inetd.log shows:
someone wants shell
accept, ctrl 3
+ Closing from 18
1092 execl /usr/sbin/in.rshd
1092 reaped, status 0x100

Where is the error?

How did I start inetd someone might ask:
mkpasswd -l -d >/etc/passwd
cygrunsrv -I inetd -d "inetd" -f "This service provides
ftp,telnet,rsh,rcp" -p /usr/sbin/inetd -a -d -e "CYGWIN=binmode ntsec tty"
cygrunsrv -S inetd

So I switched to ssh...
I installed everything like on a Unix box (keys, permissions etc) and
started it similar to inetd (see above)
It runs but only one time.When doing a
ssh localhost ls
(or any other command)
I get the correct result but afterwards the service (sshd) dies.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance..


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