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CR not stripped when using stream::getline with latest cygwin/gcc 3.1.1 combo?

Hello all,

There's something up with the latest cygwin (1.3.2-2) and/or gcc 3.1.1.

Code that worked fine with text files in cygwin 1.3.10 and gcc 3.1.0 is now
broken.  The problem is that the carriage return is being left in the text
data returned by ifstream::getline().  It doesn't matter if the file being
read is on a network mount or simply in a local directory.   It used to
strip both.  The file, is of course opened in default mode, ie. text.

Is this intentional, ie. a "feature" of the newer stdlib/gcc and therefore
an oversight in our code?  Or is it a problem somewhere in the configuration
of the latest version of gcc/stdlib for cygwin?

I think this problem is linked to the spurious cvs error I reported last
week that occurs every time I use cvs now. (started occurring after updating
cygwin et al)


Q-Games, Dylan Cuthbert.

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