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RE: /bin and /usr/bin not installed: sorted


Did you install the Network Simplicity OpenSSH release over an existing Cygwin installation? Or, perhaps, the reverse?

The Network Simplicity page (<>) says "Please note that you should not install this package if you have cygwin installed."

At a glance, it does not appear that accommodating a pre-existing Cygwin release is accommodated. It's not clear what would happen if Cygwin were installed afterward, but it seems likely there might be some contention between them.

Perhaps those who care might want to take them up on their solicitation of feedback (under the heading "WebBoard" near the bottom of the aforementioned Web page):

"If you want to suggest a new feature, see what changes have occurred in the package, or need help installing or using OpenSSH on Windows look at the WebBoard<>."

Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA USA

At 14:27 2002-07-19, AP - Simon Blandford wrote:
For the benefit of all who may encounter the same problem, this is what I

There were cygwin registry entries directing /bin /usr/bin and a few others
to c:\Program Files\Network Simplicity\...

These entries were created by Network Simplicity Open SSH. So all my /bin
/usr/bin files were being writen to the Network Simplicity directories
instead of c:\cygwin.

Deleting the Cygwin branch in the registry fixed the problem.

Thanks to Mark Harig for some useful pointers. The log files were being
writen to the Network Simplicity directory also. That was the first clue. I
did a search for them on C drive as I couldn't figure out where they were.

Simon B.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: AP - Simon Blandford []
> Sent: 19 July 2002 03:42
> To: ''
> Subject: /bin and /usr/bin not installed
> Hi,
> I install Cygwin on Windows 2000 using the setup.exe
> All appears
> to go smoothly until I try to start a bash shell. Then I
> discover that the
> /bin directory is missing. I install into c:/cygwin. I have
> checked all the
> base packages are selected for install. I've tried re-installing,
> uninstalling, installing again in a different directory,
> switching off the
> virus Sophos checker (at least I think I managed to), installing as
> Administrator, using different mirror sites and anti-depressants!
> I never had this trouble installing Cygwin on any other machine. The
> installer even lists files being installed into /bin and
> /usr/bin as it
> runs.
> Has anyone seen anything like this problem before? I searched the FAQ,
> Google and the Ezlim mailing list search times out.
> Regards,
> Simon Blandford

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