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.stabs description field is too big, try different format

I am using cygwin 1.3.12-2 and all of the latest available development tools in my installation of cygwin. I have tried the compilation with both the 2.95.2 and the 3.1.1 compilers available through the cygwin setup.exe application. My computer is a PIII-600 with a win-2000 SP2 operating system.

My problem us that when compiling with debugging information I get an error message that the ".stabs description filed '11b78' too big, try a different debug format. The '11b78' field is different for each error, and there are many such fields.

I have tried to use stabs, stabs++ and dwarf-2 formats. I have also tried to compile with -g1 (which results in reduced debugging information). I have searched the mailing lists and the stabs documentation for any information on how to address this issue and none of the above attempts solved my problem.

The reason I am sending this to the cygwin mailing list and not the gcc mailing list is that the same piece of code compiled with the same compiler performed flawlessly when I used cygwin version 1.3.10. However, this error has been with me since I upgraded.

It is not an option for me to take a step back and use the 1.3.10 version of cygwin because my apps had a seg fault on exit using the 1.3.10 version of the cygwin dll, yet the 1.3.12-2 dll does not have this problem.

I would appreciate any help or direction in dealing with this issue. I am not on the cygwin mailing list so please include me in any replies.

Thanks in advance for help.


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