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Re: Cygwin Password handling and Inetd configuration

--- Phil Smith <> wrote:
> Is there a reference regarding the inetd configuration and password
> setup 
> for Cygwin ? I've installed the current version (which uname reports as 
> 1.3.11).

Read the Cygwin users guide, its on the same page as the one you somehow
found this mailing list on.  FYI, 1.3.11 is old news, rerun setup.exe to
get more up to date.

> At issue:
> 1. The /etc/inetd.conf seems conventional, but there is no /etc/services
> file installed, or documentation for port assignments. Is there some
> other 
> file or method to re-assign TCP ports or new services ? If /etc/services
> isn't used, what is the correct configuration file ?

Open find in explorer and have it search for services.  It should be
located in your windows directory.

Read /usr/doc/Cygwin/inetd.README to be "clued" in.

> 2. There is no longer a man page for /bin/passwd -- only a page for the 
> openssl front end. Neither seems to work to change a user password and
> allow 
> that user to log-in via the distribution in.telnetd or in.ftpd via 
> /bin/passwd, or by using openssl passwd -crypt and manually adding the 
> result to /etc/passwd.

See the online user's guide.

> 3. Compiling other ftpd source code and substituting it for the in.ftpd
> in 
> /etc/causes a core dump on getpeername() or getsockname().

You'll have to figure out that one your self...


P.S. - Keep all replies on the list.

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