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Re: Sleepy Cat Berkeley DB no longer in binary distribution

--- Phil Smith <> wrote:
> The db-2.7.7-4 Berkeley DB was provided in Cygwin 1.3.11-3 but removed
> from 
> 1.3.12.

That was a packaging error, which conflicted with the existing (and
working) berkeley db distribution.
> This is unfortunate, considering that search.h, hsearch() and related
> APIs 
> are unavailable via the db- package or the developer package...

The berkeley db does not provide search.h.  That is an optional extention
of the libc which is distributed with the system:

Perhaps if you install "db2", "libdb2", & "libdb2-devel", you might have
better luck?  Then, as the API docs included in those packages explain, if
you want to access hsearch(), you should include <db.h>.

> Any suggestions, short of getting it from the cygwin-1.3.12-2-src
> package ?

Yes, before asking a question like this, take the time to research it!  A
search on google for hsearch() returned the following as the fifth result:

A "clued-in" person would see that what he/she needed was db.h.  Which
packages contains db.h?  Well that person would then search the packages

He/She would then, knowing that it is a header of the berkeley db, see
that the package he/she would need is:

libdb2-devel The Sleepycat Berkeley DB Library v2 - devel 

See, that wasn't so difficult, was it?

> Thanks

You're welcome!


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