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Re: Installation Problem???

On Sun, Jul 21, 2002 at 06:51:22PM -0400, Jim Balcom wrote:
>On a Windows 95 machine - quite standard, I installed Cygwin from the
>It didn't seem to be complete, so the next morning I did another install
>from another mirror.
>In both cases, for example, I am told that Midnight Commander is included in
>the initial installation.

You were told wrong.

>It did not seem to install in either installation.  Nor, using MC for
>windows, can I find it on the hard drive.

Go back to the cygwin web page and see if you can find these words:

"Note also that, by default, setup.exe *does not install everything*.
Only the base cygwin distribution is installed by default.  When running
setup.exe, clicking on categories and packages in the package
installation screen will provide you with the ability to control what is
installed or updated.  For instance, clicking on the "Default" field
next to the "All" category will provide you with the opportunity to
install every Cygwin package.  Be advised that this will download and
install hundreds of megabytes to your computer.  The best plan is
probably to click on individual categories and install either entire
categories or packages from the categories themselves."

In this case, Midnight Commander is available in the "Shells" category.

>I went back to download and install Joe. I downloaded it, but Cygwin can't
>find anyway to unzip it (bzip).

Since "joe" is not a standard cygwin package, you really can't install
it with cygwin setup any more than you could install Microsoft Word with
cygwin setup.

>Is there something missing, or do I need to go somewhere to download a whole
>bunch of other stuff?

You can't install joe, but you can install much more stuff than just the
standard cygwin base installation.

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