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Re: bigger window pls

--- Nils Boeffel <> wrote:
> Does anyone have suggestions about my rxvt cut-n-paste or font question 
> above?  I didn't see it in the list archives.
That's strange, it was discussed a few times in the past...  But then
again, I never really did like ht://Dig in the first place.  Since your
font question was answered, here is how to cut&paste:

1)There is no "cutting" from the rxvt window, however if you use the left
mouse button to highlight the text, it will be automatically copied to the
windows clipboard.

2)Pasting to rxvt is easy as pie with a two button mouse.  Just hold shift
and press the left mouse button once.  It will paste the contents of the
clipboard to the terminal.  Two caveats:

A)The more text there is to be pasted, the longer it will take for it to
appear, so be patient.

B)Do not paste more than half of a page of text at a time, otherwise you
run the risk of locking up rxvt.  This will vary based on your os, so


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