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Re: Valid file-name characters

--- egor duda <> wrote:
> Hi!
> Saturday, 20 July, 2002 David A. Cobb wrote:
> DAC> Back in May (where I'm still trying to catch up) there was a
> discussion 
> DAC> starting at 
> DAC> concerning a colon in a filename -- valid in *nix, not in Windows. 
> DAC> Also, we get repeated griping about the encoding of URI's in the
> local 
> DAC> package cache.  
> DAC> Would you consider a patch that translated filenames containing
> special 
> DAC> characters: the Cygwin user would see "aux:" but Windows would see 
> DAC> "aux%??" (I don't recall the encoding of colon)?
> The only problem here is what to do if cygwin user wants to create
> both aux: and aux%

Use the euro symbol (€)[Alt+0128] instead?  It is highly unlikely that a
user will want to create aux€.  Anyhow, I believe all versions of windows
(via windows update if necessary) have support for the €.


P.S. - This is not intended to start a war on the merits of the euro as a
currancy, rather it is to discuss the merits of an unused symbol.

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