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Re: SDL Perl

--- "Gerrit P. Haase" <> wrote:
> John schrieb:
> > Have you ever tried to get the SDL_perl to compile?  I can't figure
> > it out but I'd love to run frozen-bubble under cygwin :)
> I tried to get SDL compiled without -mno-cygwin which was a mess.
> Is there a port available somewhere?  Didn't tried the SDL_perl.


I know what you mean.  The @#$% author apparently felt that because we use
cygwin, we automatically want -mno-cygwin!  Why do they assume this? 
Isn't the point of cygwin to provide posix emulation, which -mno-cygwin
defeats?  Don't we have an XFree?  I say yes to both, which seems to go
right over the developers' heads.  They get the idea that Cygwin==Mingw32,
so obviously everything should be compiled with -mno-cygwin!  So annoying,
because you have to sift through all the ifdef's and configury files just
to get it to compile as a Cygwin native.  I wasted 3 whole days trying to
get SDL to compile natively on Cygwin and to use Cygwin/XFree, but I have
failed miserably.  Too many OS-cenrtic vs. few feature-centric #ifdef's! 
What a headache, my sympathies to you Gerrit.

Sorry, I had to vent my frustration there...  :-)


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