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Re: FYI: HTML targets in "Smart Questions"

On Sun, 21 Jul 2002, Max Bowsher wrote:

> Jelks Cabaniss wrote:
> > Raphael wrote:
> >
> >> ... split the list in a 'dummies' and a 'BOFH' version ....
> >> The split is IMHO long overdue anyway, half of what I read
> >> is giberish to me anyway (yup put me in with the 'dummies')
> >> and resigning the list because of this has come to mind
> >> several times.
> >
> > I couldn't agree more.  That way we can read and learn from the posts
> > from the 'smart/experienced' folks on *this* list, and ask questions
> > on the 'dummies/newbies' list without being harangued by various
> > RTFM's, STFW's, pointers to etiquette screeds, etc.
> Although this may sound like a good idea at first though, I really don't
> see how it can work

It's quite easy actually, just as I take the time to instruct newbees that
there linelength is not according to current RFC´s other people might
point out cygwin newbees to FAQ's quoting the answer from a FAQ pointed
to. This encouridges people to read the faq instead of feeling harrashed.
And yes this happens on a lot of newbee lists becouse people do not expect
anything from them and exept the same question ask 100 times before they
start publishing a sort of weekly or montly FAQ, that is not appreciated
by the god who will then vanish to a god list. Easy.

> - the only questions which really generate RTFMs and
> haranguing are the truly dumb ones (that don't actually include enough
> information to give anyone a hope of answering correctly)

I always learned that the only dumb question is one that hasn't been

> , and the ones
> which have already been asked and answered in the past fortnight or so.

Thank you for your opinion, I hope you don't feel offended if it stay's
your and will not become mine.

> I agree that the traffic on this list can be absurdly high, but I think
> that is an unavoidable artefact of the large Cygwin user base.

Not if these kind of meta discussions a starting to become frequent. Noise
generates noise as this example quit clearly shows.

> Max.

Sorry for my English I probably missed a FAQ.


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